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435 S. Hawley, Toledo, Ohio 43609
Tel: 419-243-7373 • Fax: 419-254-3210

   435 S. Hawley
   Toledo, Ohio 43609

   Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
     8:30am - 5:00pm
     8:30am - 7:00pm

   (419) 243-7373
   (419) 243-3239

   (419) 254-3210

ART- Audio Response Teller:
   (419) 244-6175
   (419) 244-6436

Contact Us
Thank you for being a member of Toledo Teamsters Federal Credit Union. We appreciate your business!

Have you called ART lately?
Our Audio Response Teller phone system is a great way to:
- check your balances
- hear your last Direct Deposit amount
- get a loan payoff as of today
- hear your ATM transactions
- or other items.
The History Menu has a wealth of information.

You will need:
Your Member Number
The last 4 digits of your Social Security number
The phone numbers: 419-244-6175 and 419-244-6436

These codes will help you move around the prompts:

Menu items:
01 Transactions
02 Balances
03 Share Draft Inquiry (Checking)
04 History

01 Share Draft (Checking)
02 Share Account (Savings)

Share Types:
01 Share Account (Savings)
75 Share Draft account (Checking)
05 Vacation
25 Christmas Club

## to return to the menu
99 to hear the options again


Member Feedback

Tell us what you think about our web site, our products, our organization, or anything else that comes to mind. We welcome all of your comments and suggestions.

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We like to hear from you, but please realize that email is not a secure transmission route. Thus we ask that you never send sensitive personal information like Social Security numbers, Account numbers, Credit Card numbers or any type of password via email to Toledo Teamsters Federal Credit Union or anyone else for your own protection. Please use one of our secured forms or a telephone call when submitting this information.