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435 S. Hawley, Toledo, Ohio 43609
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Membership Eligibility

Membership in Toledo Teamsters Federal Credit Union is open to all Employee and Retirees that belong to Teamsters Local 20. Once you join, membership is open to all your family members. There is no fee to join, and you keep your rights of membership even if you change jobs, relocate, or retire. At Toledo Teamsters Federal Credit Union, we want you to know that "Once a member…always a member!"

If you are eligible to be a member of our Credit Union but have not yet joined, we invite you to apply for membership today.

If you're a member but have family members who aren't, why not have them join!


The Toledo Teamsters Federal Credit Union exists to provide loans, deposits, and other needed services to its membership with the highest level of quality service. Our Directors, Officers and Employees are dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective service while striving to maintain long-term financial stability. Each service will be provided at a price that will continue the development of adequate reserves and undivided earnings that will be passed onto its members in the form of lower rates on loans, higher return on savings and friendly personalized services.

Whatever the financial need, the Toledo Teamsters Federal Credit Union will be there to serve its members with the philosophy of "People Helping People".